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What is ProU?

ProU Sports is a sports ecosystem built specifically for college fans to keep up with their favorite former athletes now in the pros. Through our unique mobile app and captivating social media brands, we've created a new genre of fan engagement.

What are ProU Affiliates?

ProU affiliates have an opportunity to earn passive income from their various social media pages. ProU is a free app and our affiliates are paid per app download. Unlike Physical products our app is easy to market to sports fans and comes at no cost to our target audiences. ProU affiliates can market our app how they want and when they want, making organic promotions without spamming your audience, keeping your page organic while reaping the financial  benefits.

How do I become a ProU Affilate

Our affiliates can apply in form above just select 'Affiliates' under 'Partnership Type' and someone on our marketing team will review your application in 24-48 hours.

How much money can I make?

We offer opportunity for passive income. ProU is a free app for our fans to download and our affiliates can get paid per download. It's up to you on how much money you can make. We have no caps.

Tracking Downloads And Transparency

We track the download sources for all promotion partners we track performance to inform our future marketing decisions and payouts for affiliates. We are happy to provide you with your download and conversion numbers to show future advertisers.


We Payout affiliates at the end of every cycle and flat rate Promotion Partners are paid when they post. We use Paypal and Venmo as our primary payment platform.

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