88 Colleges represent Super Bowl LVI Rosters

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Super Bowl 56 is on the horizon. With just over one week away, there are plenty of headlines to be interested in. These headlines include the Bengals return to the Super Bowl for the first time since 1988. Matthew Stafford’s appearance in his first year with the Rams, after a long, difficult, and at times brutal career with the Lions. The Rams being the second team in history to host their own super bowl. The price of tickets for this matchup. Along with many more. But that is the beautiful thing about the Super Bowl, people care. We are invested, we are interested, we are enthralled. It is the biggest football night of the year, every year. It is all on the line. NFL fans are going to watch, whether or not their team is in it. Plenty of colleges fanbases have a reason to watch as well. Eighty-eight college fanbases to be exact.  

Colleges Represented

This year in Super Bowl LVI we have 88 different colleges represented.  The two teams with the highest representation this year are LSU and Georgia. Each team has six players representing them, including the starting quarterbacks, Burrow and Stafford.  

  • 52 colleges have 1 player representing them
  • 20 have 2 players
  • 6 have 3 players
  • 2 have 4
  • 6 have 5
  • And two have 6, each including the starting QB

Conferences Represented

Of the 160 players present, and the 88 schools, 20 conferences are represented. The Power 5 has 113 of the 160 players.  The conference totals go as such:

  • SEC: 33  
  • Big 10: 28
  • Pac 12: 18
  • ACC: 18
  • Big 12: 16

Outside of the power 5 conferences, the AAC is the highest represented conference, with 9 players. Followed by the C-USA and Mountain West.  
Outside of the power five the highest represented University is Florida Atlantic, including Trey Hendrickson.  

MVP Odds

With the game fast approaching, most of the betting odds have been released, including MVP odds. The player with the best odds hails from the University of Georgia, Matthew Stafford at +105. But three of the next five come from LSU. Following Stafford is Burrow at +225. Kupp comes in at +650, Donald comes in at +1,800. And at +2,000 we have former LSU receivers, Odell Beckham Jr. and Ja’marr Chase.  

Draft Picks

There are two former 1st overall picks on these two rosters. You guessed it, the two starting quarterbacks, Burrow and Stafford. The game will feature 14 former first rounders, including super star names such as Aaron Donald (13th overall), Jalen Ramsey (5th), and Ja’marr Chase (5th). And yet again the two schools with the most first rounders are LSU (3) and Georgia (3).                     

  • 1st Round: 14
  • 2nd Round: 20
  • 3rd Round: 15
  • 4th Round: 14
  • 5th Round: 14
  • 6th Round: 15
  • 7th Round: 13
  • Undrafted: 55

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